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Food diary

A food diary can help you keep track of everything you eat and drink from breakfast to dinner, and every snack in between. It can be quite surprising to see how it all adds up over the day. Keeping a food diary shouldn’t make you feel bad about what you eat, instead think of it as a positive guide to helping you understand what foods you are eating and how much.

Download your personal food diary today

WWC food diary.pdf

The benefits of using a food diary:

(1) As you record meals over a day – it may help you realise that your eating patterns need to change.

(2) The simple act of recording what you eat daily can strengthen your resolve to maintain these positive changes.

(3) A food diary can pinpoint success – you can see where you have made and maintain the positive changes.

Use the Nutrition and Health Foundation’s diary to record the portions of food types that you consume from each shelf of the food pyramid every day. Click on the following to download the diary.

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